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Violent offender denied bail to attend mother’s funeral

A 29 year old Pakenham man had his hopes of attending his mother’s funeral dashed when he was denied bail today at the Melbourne Magistrates’ court.

Paul Sergides, a self-employed cabinet maker who is in custody after assaulting a man and stealing his car, was told on April 22 that his mother, Anna, had died suddenly of a stroke while on holidays in Greece.

He appeared before Magistrate Mark Stratmann this morning to apply for bail to act as a pall bearer at his mother’s funeral and to care for the remaining members of his family.

Mr McClure, Sergides’ lawyer, argued his client should be granted bail saying that since being told of his mother’s death, his client’s sole focus was caring for his family – his father Michael and brother Sebastian who is legally blind.

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Where to from here for women’s professional cycling?

Women’s professional cycling has struggled to attract the same level of media coverage the men’s. Then in 2015, Ella came into being – a female specific website that offered coverage of women’s professional racing as well as articles designed to catch the attention of the recreational cyclist. I spoke with Wade Wallace, founder of Cycling Tips and Ella about why he decided to start Ella, the difficulties the site has faced and the future.

It would be safe to say that most people have heard of Tour de France. Some would have heard of Cadel Evans. But if you went up to someone in the street and asked them to name a women’s cycling race or an Australian woman currently racing in the professional cycling scene, the majority wouldn’t be able to.

Female criterium races are often more aggressive and better to watch then the men’s. Photo: Lauren O’Keefe

Traditionally, women’s sport hasn’t gotten coverage in the media because it wasn’t perceived as being of interest to the public. This is slowly changing with the success of the AFLW and soccer’s Matildas. Even women’s cricket is getting a run on TV these days. But other sports like women’s cycling? They’re still in the shadows, only making it onto the evening news when someone wins a world championship, a gold medal at the Olympics or breaks a world record.

One of the major issues for women’s cycling is that it’s a niche inside a niche. However, what cycling does have is a loyal, enthusiastic and passionate following. It was this following that allowed Wade Wallace’s blog, Cycling Tips, to go from being a hobby that he started in 2008 to one of the best known cycling websites in Australia.

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