A 29 year old Pakenham man had his hopes of attending his mother’s funeral dashed when he was denied bail today at the Melbourne Magistrates’ court.

Paul Sergides, a self-employed cabinet maker who is in custody after assaulting a man and stealing his car, was told on April 22 that his mother, Anna, had died suddenly of a stroke while on holidays in Greece.

He appeared before Magistrate Mark Stratmann this morning to apply for bail to act as a pall bearer at his mother’s funeral and to care for the remaining members of his family.

Mr McClure, Sergides’ lawyer, argued his client should be granted bail saying that since being told of his mother’s death, his client’s sole focus was caring for his family – his father Michael and brother Sebastian who is legally blind.

McClure argued that Sergides has the support of his extended family and that he has a stable and loving home with his father and brother in Pakenham, for whom it was suggested that Sergides is the main caregiver.

Sergides’ aunt and cousin were in court to support him.

The Police Prosecutor, Mr Sharpley, countered this argument saying that the severity of the charges against Sergides made him an unacceptable risk to the community.

Sergides has been charged with assault and theft.

It is alleged that Sergides and an associate met with the victim at a carpark in Berwick on the afternoon of March 9 after making arrangement to swap drones.

Once there, the victim noticed the drone was faulty and attempted to leave.

He was stopped from leaving when Sergides pulled out a knife and demanded his wallet to which the victim complied even though it only contained a driver’s licence and a few coins.

Sergides took the driver’s licence and said to the victim “I now know where you live.”

The victim managed to get back into his car but was punched in the face several times through an open window.

He got out of his car to defend himself but was set upon by Sergides and the victim had his car stolen in the aftermath.

Police were called to the scene after the victim flagged down a passing motorist who stopped to help.

On March 15 police executed a search warrant of Sergides’ home which he shares with his father and brother and found the stolen car in the backyard and its number plates in a rubbish bin.

When police searched Sergides’ bedroom they found the car’s keys, the victim’s drone and a Samsung Galaxy 9 tablet which had been in the victim’s car as well as a small knife, clothing similar to what Sergides was wearing when the alleged assault occurred and a mobile phone with text messages between Sergides and the victim on it.

Magistrate Stratmann denied bail due to the seriousness of the charges against the accused.

The case will continue in the Magistrates’ Court.